How to prepare your car for the winter months and make sure you’re ready for the road trip ahead.

How to prepare your car for the winter months and make sure you’re ready for the road trip ahead.

With the days now short and the weather becoming colder you need to make sure that your car is ready for the winter months ahead.

But what will you need, how prepared should you be?  We’ve created a round up of our top things to think about before your winter road trip.

  • Fuel – make sure that you have plenty of fuel in your tank just in case you breakdown or get stuck in the snow and need to keep the engine running until assistance arrives.When driving around the Highlands you don’t want to get caught out if there is a long drive between your destinations and filling stations.
  • Mobile phone –make sure this is fully charged, so you can make a call if you’re running late or need assistance.
  • Road worthy tyres/winter tyres – check that your tyres are road worthy as deeper treads will ensure reduced braking distances. Maybe thing about putting on a set of winter tyres as these have different treads and made of a special rubber which doesn’t go as hard when the temperature drops.  Winter tyres will help with your traction in snow and ice but also improves braking distances.
  • Warm blanket or sleeping bag – it’s best to keep pack one in the boot in case you get stranded in your car and with colder temperatures outside you’ll be pleased to have one to keep you warm.
  • Food and drink – pack an extra bottle of water and keep some snacks in your car.You never know when these may come in handy, both for yourself and your passengers.  Top tip don’t leave your water bottle in the car, as if the temperature falls it may freeze and frozen water will be of no use to you.
  • Screen wash – make sure you use a screen wash concentrate, as water will just freeze under the bonnet. It’ll also help you to keep you windscreen clear when the roads are covered in salt.  The salt spray off the road tends to cover a windscreen in a mud like substance that needs liquid to clear it.
  • Make sure you clear all windscreens and windows of ice and snow before you drive off too.It’s safer for you and other road users if you can see through them!
  • First aid kit – keep a small first aid kit to handle any minor injuries.  
  • Also, check the weather forecast before you set out so that you can give yourself extra time for your journey if it looks like the weather is going to be poor.It’ll also give you the chance to think if your journey is necessary or if can you put off travelling for a few hours or a day if need be.

Winter is a stunning time of the year in Scotland and the Highlands and you need to get out and explore it.  With frosty days and dark nights, it’s a great time of year to visit plus the roads tend to be quieter too.  Just make sure that you follow our top tips to ensure you get about safely.

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